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The originator of the clearmed Daniel Kreger (deceased 2016) was suffering from hemorrhoid and worked on this formulation and wanted to share something good, something he believed into the others. And Lawrence E. Kreger is a researcher, of premium proprietary herbal ingredient extracts for hemorrhoid.

Clear Med was the first to bring in the premium proprietary herbal ingredient blends for Hemorrhoid on the market in 1999 and we are proud with 35000 users have been using our product and repeat orders. Thanks for our user community to help keep up this product.

With our products we aim to provide an improving overall health and wellbeing. The work involves in understating the benefits of our multi-ingredient blends more specifically to provide better health benefits.

When you are a part of something good, something that you believe in, it is your obligation to share it with others.

We research, test and meticulously develop our products are safe, high-quality which allows us to stand firmly behind their quality and health benefits.

The synergistic interactions between various herbal extracts and understating the formulation bring us to high potential of benefits.

Assured a service and product quality from a 20 year old company. We are the first to formulate the formulation of clearmed product.

The development of ClearMed is a product that I am very proud of, and feel excited to share with hemorrhoid sufferers around the world.” Lawrence E. Kreger, medical researcher for ClearMed.