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Ted Hyatt

From: Ted Hyatt <tedhyatt@yahoo.com

To: ClearMed@mail.com

Subject: Great Product!!

Date: Oct. 7, 2010 09:56:55 -0800 (PST)

I just wanted to thank you for such a great product.

I suffered for 2 months with pain and bleeding. I would wake up in the middle of the night with severe pain and Preparation H was useless (the only one in my family who appreciated Prep H was my dog - she couldn't stop smelling my butt).

I searched the internet looking for anything that would help reduce the bleeding and pain. I found several products (including ClearMed) and noticed that the other products compared themselves to ClearMed - obviously the best product out there. I also checked if there were any problems/complaints with ClearMed - there were none. So I decided to give it try. I honestly doubted if it would be as good as your claims stated. Well, I was wrong.

It arrived quickly and within 4 days the pain and bleeding were completely gone!!

Thank you so much for helping me and thousands of others get rid of a big pain in the ass!!


Jeff scholl

Subj: CLEARMED!!!!!!!!!

Date: 7/28/2010 4:25:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: sho311@comcast.net

To: ClearMed@mail.com

Hello, I received your product today in a timely matter. LET ME TELL YOU, after being in eye watering pain for 2 weeks! SOAKING in a tub for hours after every bowel movement and hearing that no pill would work, its just a over priced scam, I am setting here on a computer AFTER a bowel movement with little bleeding and NO PAIN, No tub needed! Just 3 doses!!!! FIRST DAY!!!! I knew this would work, like I told my friend, witch hazel is great as a topical agent because it strengthen's veins and is anti-inflammatory. imagine witch hazel and these other great herbs coursing through your veins, It will basically heal from the inside out and is 100% more effective! I was gonna wait until fully cured but I know now there is no reason to wait. This will work! To see results in the first 3 dose treatment is none other than remarkable! I noticed a change with-in a hour of my second dose. I received the pills around 2:30pm eastern standard time july 27th and began my first dose of 2 capsules at 3:40pm. with-in the first few hours I noticed a change, I continued the treatment with 2 more capsules at 7:40pm. Around 8:00pm I was feeling great with NO pain! I took my 3rd dose of 2 capsules at 11:40pm and at 12:00am I finally got sleep and awoke around 2:00am and made a bowel movement and here I am to let you fine people know that your product works and I am greatly in debt to your company! Thank you my friends!!!!!!!!!!! After this hemroid is fully gone, lol it will be in just a day or two more I will write a full review about CLEARMED and send it everywhere over the internet including the fda, right aid, walgreens, ect ect! I want you guys on the top of the market and getting paid 100x more than you are! Thank you again, I will continue treatment and unlike a $8.00 tube's of preparation H that I have spent over $20.00 on I will be cured. I will recommend this product to everyone I know, I will search for people looking for hemroid help and recommend this product! Your product is god sent and thanks again! sincerely

Jeff scholl


6602 firefly ct.

burton,MI 48509

Mikey Wilson

From: Mikey Wilson

To: ClearMed@mail.com

Subject: Thank you

Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 12:18:02 -0800 (PST)

I took the product 1 week,i had a 2 week suply.i gave up thinking this isnt going to work,in fact for 3 days after i still experienced pain and bleeding.Then to my satisfactory,it,s been 10 days now,since ive had any problem,s.thank you,I can live life again

Mike Royal
479 209 2692
I will definitly recomend you,

Testimonial for Clearmed

Subj: Testimonial for Clearmed

Date: 5/15/2009 12:27:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: jcleveq@earthlink.net

To: ClearMed@mail.com

I want to thank you for your wonderful product and I offer as evidence a rather detailed description of my experience (to date) with the Clear Med Hemmorhoid Treatment solution.

Testimonial follows:

I am an extremely satisfied Clear Med customer. I have been using the product now for about 2 months. I tracked my usage and results in a spreadsheet I created, for the entire treatment period. I developed the spreadsheet using event, dosage and result columns to track effectiveness. The spreadsheet contains results data in four categories (Overall discomfort level, Pain, Burning and Itching). I used a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) numbering system to describe discomfort level in each of the 4 categories. I recorded ratings in each category each time a significant event occured (ie (BM) Bowel Movement, any significant change in discomfort level, the level of discomfort at each dosage and etc). I also kept data on how often I needed to apply the ointment and several other statistics.

When I began the treament (after receiving my first ClearMed package) all four ratings were at a level of 8 (some approaching 9's) - needless to say - my hemmorhoids were in full control of most of my waking hours, making life quite miserable. I was waking up 2 and 3 times a night and got very few full nights of sleep. I had tried several ointments and suppositories with minor to no success. I was considering surgery but was doubtful that surgery would even be able to provide lasting relief. I received the Clear Med extra strength package on 3/30/09 and began to use it immediately.

I started off with a strict regimen of 3 capsules (three times each day) with meals for a total of 9 caps a day. As I mentioned, all four categories at that point were at an 8 rating. I tried not to alter my eating or fluid intake routine too much (so as not to skew the results of my study of the effectiveness of Clear Med). I did make one change to the routine suggested in the Clear Med package. Instead of using the ointment supplied in the package, I found that for me, a cream I purchased and was using from Walmart (branded - Equate) provided significantly better temporary symptom relief (at least for me) than the cream supplied with the Clear Med package. The second day of the treatment, the scores in each of the 4 categories dropped by about 2 - 4 points. The third day saw another decrease of 1 -2 points with some categories dropping to 2's and 3's. After the first week of treatment scores were running consitently in the 1 to 3 range and I was sleeping thru the night. My need for the equate ointment dropped from 2 -3 times a day - to - less than once a day (after BM's). I had already noticed a decrease in the size and hardness of the veins affected by the hemmorhoids within the latter part of the first week but in the second week they were significantly better and not tender at all.

Things continued to improve steadily and by the end of the second week, all scores were running at 1 or <1 in all four categories. BM's completely without pain or discomfort. Of special interest was the fact that during the latter part of the second week I came down with a flu bug and had to endure a short bout with diarrhea (I thought - OK here's the real test) Clear Med absolutely saved the day! Frequent trips to the commode and the subsequent wiping caused no discomfort at all. I WAS ELATED! I can't even imagine the agony I would have felt had i not had the good sense to start my Clear Med product. By the end of the second week I would have to say that all symptoms of my hemmorhoids were gone. The enlarged viens that caused so much grief in the past were reduced to almost nothing. INCREDIBLE - I NEVER WOULD HAVE BELIEVED IT!

Posted by: Donnie

Yup.. it worked very well. My hemorrhoids were internal, so I ordered 2 bottles just in case. I really did not need to though because my hemorrhoids cleared up in just a few days. I `ll keep the second bottle for the future, it`s always good to have.

Posted by: Mr Fullmore

Great product! Best $39.95 I ever spent. ClearMed even helped with the burning and itching I was having. I would totally recommend ClearMed to anyone who is having problems with hemorrhoids.

Posted by: Carla

Clearmed helped me out big time! Definately a good product. Highly recommend it to sufferers. Worth it to get rid of hemorrhoids rather quickly.

Posted by: HuggieBear

Editor`s Rating:

I was so glad to find the ClearMed product - I was so embarrassed after I gave birth when I realized that every time I sat down I felt I was going to go through the roof. Using the bathroom was not pleasant! ClearMed cured that pretty quick. It worked unbelievably fast! Yes, I would totally recommend this product.

Posted by: Ms. Bagdon

Totally had a very positive experience with ClearMed. The product is wonderful! It help me with external hemorrhoids that were bleeding on and off. Very good product if you have bleeding hemorrhoids. Before ClearMed, I tried three other products that never worked, and just made my problem worse. ClearMed worked right off the bat! You can feel this product actually working after the 4th dosage. I give this product a ten. Will buy again if needed.